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From: mikemovies
Date: 08/28/2006

Anybody here interested in old 'B' type horror-sci fi movies
like Plan 9 from outer space? This weekened I picked up a
dvd named 'Devil Girl from Mars' from 1954. It is a British
flick. The plot is about a martian girl who comes to earth
looking for men to return to mars with her. The men are
needed to mate with the other girls on mars. The martian
girl has a bodyguard who is a robot. The robot gives the
appearance that it was made from an old refrigerator. haha
Very campy movie but not bad at all.

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From: Rick (
Date: 08/28/2006
The Martian girl was played by Hazel Court who had a long
career in both films and tv. Her later horror movie credits
include The Raven 1963 and The Masque of the Red Death 1964.

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