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From: johan carlsson (
Date: 12/05/2006

Hi we are a danish design and art groupe called RACA.

We visited Brooklyn in September, and found the area Fulton
Mall fashinating 
in many ways, esp. the street life there.
Coming back to Copenhagen Denmark we are working on a small
non profit 
publication around street life and temporary interventions.

In relation to this we would like to get in contact with
people that have a close 
relationship to Fulton Mall or have opinions regarding the

Many thanks and hope to get some response.

Johan Carlsson

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From: ex-brooklynite
Date: 12/09/2006
I'm sure Copenhagen can do better than the low-rent beaten
down Fulton Mall, but here is some contact info:

Tel: 718-403-1632
Fax: 718-403-1650

15 MetroTech Center, 19th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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