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From: Marisa Sage (
Date: 12/30/2006

Press Release

Instant Gratification
January 12th- February 17th 2007
Opening Friday January 12th 6:30-10:00pm

Like the spice is proud to present Instant Gratification- a
group show 
featuring digital works by artists Brian Larossa, Chadwick
Whitehead, Andrea 
Ackerman, Tatiana Kronberg, Anna Druzcz, and Jordan
Kleinman. This 
exhibition will present a collection of digital pieces
including photographs, 
videos, animation and illustrations. 

Instant Gratification will challenge the common
misconception that digital art 
is the easy way out, the lazy man’s medium. In fact, Like
the Spice strives to 
prove the very opposite, exploring the myriad of
possibilities of creating art 
in this boundless, technologically challenging, medium. 

Instant Gratification seeks to confront and diffuse the
attacks leveled not only 
on the medium itself but also at its capacity for yielding
conceptually relevant 
and aesthetically appealing pieces. It is the aim of this
exhibition to refute the 
idea that digital pieces lack concept, existing only to
exploit processes. Like 
the spice’s emerging digital artists employ techniques to
reflect and critique 
our technology dependent cultural climate.  Their concepts
transcend and legitimize the medium. 

In their efforts to provide a dialogue in the relatively new
discourse of the 
digital world, these artists explore the digital landscape:
distorting, deceiving and altering our perceptions of
reality with 
unconventional uses of light, line, color and space. 	

Brian Larossa: born in Atlanta, Georgia. 23 years Brian
later received a 
Master's degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art.
Using DNA as a 
closed data set, Brian builds open-ended video climates,
exploring the 
intricacies of the simple/complex dichotomy.

Tatiana Kronberg: artist interested in myth as a phenomenon
in our society. 
The photographs in the show are from the series in which she
the story of the Soviet child-hero Pavlik Morozov. To do so,
she employs a 
single protagonist—a Soviet-era schoolgirl played by the
artist herself—set in 
the American landscape.


Chadwick Whitehead: "Chadwick Whitehead makes images with
graphic cuts 
and distinct strokes. The focus is the narrative and the
character of the 
marks." Ny Arts Magazine

Andrea Ackerman: digital artist living in New York. In her
previous 3D 
computer animation, "Rose Breathing", a synthetic rose is
imbued with such 
human qualities as respiration and locomotion. "Rose
Breathing" has been 
shown internationally, including in a recent show at the San
Jose Museum of 
Art, "Brides of Frankenstein", curated by Marcia Tanner and
at the Wood 
Street Galleries, in "Allure Ellectronica", curated by
Murray Horne. 

Anna Druzcz: artist working primarily within medium of
digital photography 
and digital imaging. Her work consists of digital composites
images of 
desolate, post-human, artificially enhanced and visibly
altered natural 

Jordan Kleinman: photographer exploring the order that
exists within the 
random and chaotic situations of life. Jordan was born in
Colorado in 1982. A 
graduate of the Department of Photography at SVA in 2005,
Jordan has 
exhibited his works in solo exhibitions in New York and
Denver as well as in 
group exhibitions in the US and in Japan. 

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