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From: Murray Shapiro (
Date: 06/03/2006

Murray Shapiro was my father born in Brownsville on
10/20/21. He passed away in 1978. I still have his Lew
Wallace JHS autograph book with all his friends good wishes
in it from 1935. Some of these people are: Josh Ostsofsky,
Meyer Kliegman, Lawrench Schenker, Melvin Werner, David
Spector, Albert Tottino, Julius Haberman, Sol Pearlman and
more. The principal was Albert King. Some of the teachers
were: Miss Hesp, Miss Saso, Miss Zimmer, Miss Oaks, Mrs.
Ryder. I know my father loved his childhood in Brooklyn
although there were many hard years in the depression. Does
anyone possibly remember him? I am writing as many memories
as I can for MY first grandchild and would love to add any
recollections of this wonderful man as a young child and
young man. Otherwise, I hope you all had a wonderful time at
your reunion. I have my own great memories of visiting my
grandparents on Lott Avenue and rollarskating there and of
course the great candy store that was within a block or two
of their apartment.
Janet (Shapiro) Maday

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From: Thebuzz (Murray)
Date: 07/29/2006
God bless.

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