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From: David A. (
Date: 01/16/2007

I grew up in Williamsburg for 30 years. I went to PS 19 and
JHS 50 where comedian Alan King attended. I'm sure plenty of
celeberties had attended these schools. Alot also came out
of Williamsburg Brooklyn at one time or another. Domino
Sugar, Esquire Booth Polish, Schaffer Brewery, Rhinegold
Beer, Gold Medal Flour. I do appreciate what Williamsburg
has contribute to America and I am very PROUD of it.

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From: Anthony Mulert (
Date: 01/16/2007
I went to P.S. 19 K-3 when I lived on S 1st. Moved to
Bedford ave and S 10th. went to P.S. 16 4-7 then went to
P.S.50 (John D. Wells Jr HS) if memory serves me right
(1947-49). Joined the Air Force in 1952, served in Korea
52-53. Discharged in 56 and have been living in Wisconsin
ever since. Get back to the hood every once in awhile and
glad to see that the neighborhood is coming back. What time
span are you referring to.

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From: Tony
Date: 01/17/2007
Got your e-mail, but it lacked any content.

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