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From: barbara (
Date: 02/16/2008

i purchased a picture of Jesus today at a salvation army
store. the frame is stamped: Radio Picture Frame Inc. 1856-H
100 16x20. The print is signed Warner Sallmon 1940. In the
bottom right corner it says: Kriebel & Bates Copyright 1941
Litho, In. USA. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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From: lethie (
Date: 02/27/2010
I am also searching for information on pictures that are framed by Radio Picture
Frame, Co. Inc. In Brooklyn, NY. I have a picture of a Indian on a horse,
titled, Appealing to Spirits. I am trying to determine the date and the artist
of this picture. Let me know if you were able to come with anything about this
company. Thanks,

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