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From: Jay Pastor (
Date: 04/02/2008

Thanks to your web site (a kind of mitzvah), people here in
Cincinnati now believe that Williamsburgh, Brooklyn is a
real place rather than the creation of a would-be American
Scholem Alechem.
I stumbled across the site accidentally with shocked, but
happy, surprise. I was born (1931) in Williamsburgh and grew
up there (214 Keap St.). I also spent time in Canarsie,
where the water was cleaner than at Brighton Beach, and the
waves were gentler. There was a half-sized trolley line that
took you from Fresh Pond Rd. on the BMT line to the beach.
Just thought you might be interested in knowing that your
messages reach the mid-west.

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From: Tony
Date: 04/03/2008
Born in Red Hook in 1034. Raised in Williamsburg on Bedford
ave and s 10th st. Went to PS 16 on Wilson Ave.
I was the Goy who took care of the lights and gas on Friday
nights when I wasn't too busy playing punchball or whatever.
When busy I was a yiddish boychicle. Have been in Wisconsin
since 1957. My grandson will graduate from Xavier U. next
month. Usually stay in Covington on the way to FL for the

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From: Anthony Mulert (
Date: 04/15/2008
I sent you an email. Hope you clear me through your spam

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