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From: Rita (
Date: 04/30/2008

I also have a very old picture that has been in my family
since before I was born.  It is stamped Radio Picture Frame
Co and is titled Maltese Kittens.  Does anyone have a clue
about this?

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From: Dana (
Date: 05/08/2008
I too have a stamped frame from the Radio Picture Frame
Inc that my grandfather had and gave it to me. The title of
the painting is called "Go Get Em" by William J. Brown and
it is stamped with G28953 and either a 2007 or 4007. The
picture is a springer spaniel dog jumping out of a boat in
scene of duck hunting. We were trying to find the year or
how old this picture can be.

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From: Lisa (
Date: 05/31/2008
I also have a very old picture of Jesus with (1849-4934
12x16 Radio Picture Frame Co Inc.,) stamped on the back. If
anyone could provide more info about this picture please
send me an email.

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From: Brenda (
Date: 06/09/2008
I purchased 2 frames (3x5) and they have the Radio Picture
Frame Co., Inc Brooklyn New York stamped on the back;
however there is no number and to me it looks like pictures
of maidens.  Has anyone else seen this?

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From: lethie (
Date: 02/27/2010
I'm looking at all the archive emails regarding pictures that were framed by
Radio Picture Frame , Co, Inc. Brooklyn, NY. The pictute that I have is of a
Indian on a horse, Titled Appeal to Spirits. I'm trying to determine who the
artist was and when it was done. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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