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From: Edmund Penrose (
Date: 02/23/2009

Hi my name is Edmund Penrose I live in Dublin, Ireland. 

I am searching for details on a court case that took place
in Brooklyn in August/September 1875 and possibly continued
on into early 1876.
The case is in reference to John P Cox who was my maternal
Great Grandfather. He was charged with Ďassault with intent
to killí in Brooklyn.  Seemingly it was a cause celeb within
political circles due to his involvement in the Democratic

The case was heard before Justice Morse on 24th August 1875
in the second District Court Room, he had ex-Judge D P
Barnard acting for him. Ex-Supervisor Richard Newman appears
to have gone Bondsman for him for $1,500.
From The New York Times, August 20th 1875 & The Brooklyn
Daily Eagle, August 24th 1875.

Also on September 17th 1875 in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle it
was listed for the Grand Jury of the Court of Sessions. 

On February 27th 1876 in The New York Times under Decisions
of the Supreme Court, Judge Lawrence mentions of Bail. Not
sure if it is the person I am seeking.

On April 1st 1876 in The New York Times under Decisions
Supreme Court, Judge Lawrence mention of Judgement affirmed,
opinion by Judge Daniels.  Not sure if it is the person I am

The case was covered in the New York Times on August 19th
1875, August 20th 1875 & August 25th 1875.  
Also in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, August 19th (twice), 20th,
21st, 24th and finally on September 17th. 1875.

I am searching for newspaper report other than those
mentioned above.

Any help or advice on where I could check for the court
records, prison records, police records or in fact any
further details would be of great assistance. I am trying to
find any further details on the case particularly possible
transcripts and the outcome of the court case.

While in Brooklyn he was Secretary of the Democratic Party
in the 9th Ward and a member of the St Josephs Catholic
Youngmens Association. He is mentioned in the Brooklyn Eagle
on Oct 18th 1873, May 20th 1874, July 1st 1874, and February
9th 1875.

John P Cox returned to Ireland sometime between 1875 and
1883 and became a City Councillor on Dublin Corporation from
1899 to 1907. 

His son James Thomas Cox, my Grandfather, was born in
Brooklyn in 1870. James T Cox became the General President
of the Bricklayers Union in Ireland from 1910 to 1917.
We have a saying here in Dublin "Ya didnít lick it off the
stones" Meaning you have the same attitude or the same ways
as your fore bearers. This certainly holds true for me as
you can see my fore bearers were involve in politics and
trade unions (Labor Associations) as I also am.
Any help you could give me would be much appreciated.  I
would appreciate directions where I might find them in New
York itself. I am going over to New York on 16th March for
nine days especially to search for any records that might be
Sorry for being so long winded.
Regards from Ireland
Ed. Penrose

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From: Dan
Date: 03/08/2009
Try the NYC Dept of Records, and the City Archive. It's a
long shot but they may have some of the court records or at
least tell where the records can be found.

Some links:

I'd contact them first at the below link or by calling 311
(call +1-212-639-9675 from outside NYC, expensive call but
cheaper than an airline ticket).

Good luck in your search!

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