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From: Donna Miller
Date: 08/22/2009

I found this statement on this website on the police precinct listing pages...

"Building a safer neighborhood takes cooperation between the police and the
community. Your local precinct can be a great community resource."

So I thought since they were supposed to be a "a great community resource" I
would contact the local precinct where my daughter lives in Brooklyn to ask them
if they have any type of advise or could offer any safety tips or direct me to
another community organization, for advice for residents that are looking for
roommates especially since they are opening up there home to strangers.  Well
unfortunately they were no help at all and the gentlemen answering the phone
seemed irritated that I was even asking the question.  I was very disappointed. 
I understand that they must be very busy however you would think that this would
be one of the "great community resources" that they would offer, since it seems
looking for roommates is a fairly common practice in this city.  Does anyone
have any advice based on their experiences?

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From: Dan
Date: 09/06/2009
Don't bother calling the local NYPD precinct, they could care less. Go to and click on the NYPD for the latest crime stats.

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