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From: wayne michael
Date: 09/02/2009

Just a little anecdote about Kirsch no-cal soda.They sponsored our little league
team(the league was actually called "better our youth league") in the 50's.We
were called the no-cal lamplighters and played our games at McCarren park.

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From: Dan
Date: 09/06/2009
Into the early 1970s there were still a few local soft drink companies. My
grandfather had soda delivered from a "paisano" of his from East New York. The
soda was "Liberty Soda" and it was the gassiest soda I ever had. Their motto was
"freedom from thirst" with an image of the statue of Liberty on the bottles. You
could probably use it to put out gasoline fires. I wish I'd saved a few empty
Liberty Soda bottles.

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