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From: Lynn (
Date: 09/07/2009

I purchased Shepherds Call at a flea market for $3.00 from an very elderly
gentleman last spring.  He felt I'd appreciate it because of my appreciate for
"old" things.  I've never been able to find anything out about this.  It appears
to be in its original frame.  If anyone on here has been able to find anything
out about it, please let me know.  I'd so appreciate it.  The back is stamped: 
P41448 7370/1   Shepherds Call   Radio Picture Frame Co., Inc. 104 So. 4th St.,
Brooklyn, N.Y.  Thanks so much!

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From: bob long (
Date: 10/30/2009
did you find out anything on your picture? i have one marked the same.. thanks ,

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