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From: PatBarnes (
Date: 06/16/2010

Have two prints framed by Radio Picture Frame Co.  still in original frames.
Stamped on back Radio Picture Frame Co.  1640 Covert St. Brooklyn NY.  The
prints are "Sweet Awakening" and "Dreams". "Sweet Awakening" was stamped on
print Copyrighted 1936 Wm. K. KoFoed. Cardboard backing on framed print stamped
A38447-3961 Awakening Radio Picture Frame Co. There is a signature on Awakening
print(not orignal)E. K. Bergey . No signature on "Dreams"  On Cardboard backing
D38447 - 2961 Radio Picture Frame Co. Any Informatioin appreciated. Thanks

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From: Renee Sullivan (
Date: 05/28/2011
What did you find out about the "Sweet Awakening" picture?  We have one also.  
Want info and haven't found anything useful on the web so far.

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