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From: melaniya huff (
Date: 09/18/2011

I was visiting my sick father on 9/4/2011 and i parked my car between 13 and 14

Brighton near the restaurant Odessa. I checked so i was far away from bus stop.

I was with my father few hr. and i got ticket double for the same thing twice 
for parking in a wrong spot. 

My Q. is how far away I can park my car from bus stop? I did not see any yellow

line on a curb. I live in PA and we have a rule no close than 20feet to bus 
stop. and we have yellow line. 
So I want to know if it was right charge for my parking. 
I also talked to police in PA and he said that every state has their own rules 
regarding parking. NY police said that i should know NY rules even i do not live

in NY state.  I think he is wrong, I cannot know rules for each state in US. 

Please answer me.

Thanks, Melaniya Huff

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From: Fred
Date: 10/28/2011

Weather in Brooklyn, New York today!
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