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From: Rodger DeRamus (
Date: 02/28/2007

Hello to all of you who have litho prints with 
Radio Picture Frame Company on the back. I wish I could be
the one to provide the information needed to set your minds
at rest. I am just one in what seems to be a long line of

As a young child, I remember there was a picture of a Collie
dog and a little lamb in a snowstorm and it made me sad
then. I went off to be married and then to the military and
I never knew what happened to it. One day I was in a small
town called Marion, Alabama and saw the same picture hanging
on the wall in an antique shop. I had to have it, so I
bought it. I paid $15.00 for it. I am sure my family got it
free for something, we didn't have enough money to even buy
food half the time.

Anyway, I am going to keep searching and I will remember the
forum and let everyone know about the company and the

Thanks for the memories (Jimmy Derandi),
Rodger DeRamus
Cottondale, Alabama

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From: Rodger DeRamus (
Date: 03/04/2007
For everyone who has asked for information about the picture
"Shepherds Call", I found out it was painted in the early
1900, but there was no artist listed. Walter Hunt painted
the sister painting to this picture and it is called "Good
Friends". He also painted two other animal paintings.

I have not found out anything about the picture frame
company yet, but I will keep digging and I'll let you know.

By the way, I just purchased a new reproduction of Shepherds
Call from a store on eBay. Just go to eBay and click on
animal paintings and follow the instructions , like animals,
next is dogs, then next is collie and then follow down the

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From: Bertie Smith
Date: 03/16/2007
This post should be on this thread instead of where I put it
so I'm moving it here.  
My Radio Picture Frame Co print is "Shephard's Call" and is
of a collie in a snowstorm standing over a lost lamb.  The
print is very very old and I have had it reframed as
although faded with time it is still very beautiful. I would
just love to find a print of "Lone Wolf".  Checked eBay but
nothing there.

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Date: 05/20/2007

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From: Wanda (
Date: 06/17/2009
I also have a picture from the radio picture frame co. On the back is has #243
Beyond the vale. The artist name is Durrnberg. But the Address is radio picture
frame co. Inc. 1056 Wyckoff Ave.Brooklyn 27, N.Y. I haven't been able to find
anything on Durrnberg or beyond the vale.

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From: lethie (
Date: 02/27/2010
I have been researching information on the Radio Picture Frame Co, at 104 So.
4th St., Brooklyn,NY. The picture I have is of a Indian on a horse, titled
Appeal to Sprits. I am trying to find out who the artist is and when it might
have been done. It seems most of my searching today has shown that a lot of us
have various pictures framed by this company. Everyone says they have to be old
pictures handed down by great grand parents, parents, etc. so it is my best
guest these pictures are old. If we could place a time frame of the company that
framed them then this might help determine the artist and dates they were
painted. Please share any information, thanks, L

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From: Patsy Hughes (
Date: 09/02/2010
I have 4 pictures of ballet dancers by the artist Gina, on the back of all 4
pic. are RADIO PICTURE FRAME INC. BROOKLY 27 NY would anyone have any
information on these or the company who framed them? Thanks

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From: Mike Hoover
Date: 10/09/2010
My parents had a picture of a pointer dog under glass. I took out the rusty
nails at the rear holding the 
cardboard like backing that is stamped T41773 Flowers Radio Picture frame Co.
Inc. the Brooklyn 
address everyone mentions. Between the dog and the cardboard was a print by Max
Streckenbach. The 
cardboard used by the Radio Picture Co. was a back side of the 1937 movie poster
for the movie Girl 
Overboard starring Gloria Stuart and Walter Pidgeon. Having found all of this I
suspect Radio Picture Co. 
framed prints of original works of art at the time. However, I've been told the
rusty nails date the work 
to some degree and although not worth a bunch in of itself it would fetch a
couple of hundred on eBay. 
Oh, the frame is a pale yellow painted wood. Hope this helps everyone. I was
just curious what was 
behind the dog and found all of this so believe one could say it's made around
1937. I'll keep it b/c the 
dog looks like my old birddog when I was a kid and quail were still plentiful
around Austin, Tx.

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From: Laura (
Date: 07/19/2012
Hi guys!   I picked up a frame and picture in the thrift shop today for two
dollars.   The print is of a 'clipper ship' and the whole thing was quite
disgusting.  It looked like it'd been in an attic for 70 years collecting grime
the whole time.   
   I took it all apart and I too found a piece of a movie poster.  When I took
the cardboard out and turned it over,  Shirley Temple's face was pouting
prettily at me!  
  The movie is The Poor Little Rich Girl from 1936.  The artwork in the frame is
dated 1933.  
  Interesting find and also Radio Picture Frame Co, Inc. stamped on the blank

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Date: 10/23/2012
I have an original, oil on canvas, depiction of "Shepherd's Call" that is signed
by B.B. Baughn in 1934. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

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From: jmhairr ( )
Date: 04/24/2014
I have one the title of mine is ships. Anyone know anything about it

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From: Beth Rowland (
Date: 10/18/2017
I have my grandmother's picture named "Covered with Snow" with the numbers 40797
and 234/6.  It is from Radio Picture Frame Co., Inc., 104 So. 4th St., Brooklyn,
NY. The frame is painted silver.  This is very old for I am 77 myself. Any
information about this company or age of picture is appreciated.

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From: Alaina (
Date: 12/31/2017
Hello.  I seem to have stumbled upon an old print and it appears to be an
original copy within its 
native frame.  On the back is printed: X40657  3637 St. Joseph Radio Picture
Frame Co. Inc.
1540 Covert St. Brooklyn, NY—Any information would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you!

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From: Heather Hawkes (
Date: 03/03/2018
I have a Shirley Temple Picture framed. On the Back of the frame is stamped
Sunshine & Shadows 
Radio Picture Frame Co. Inc. 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Anymore information on this world be appreciated.

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From: diana ellixson
Date: 05/02/2019
I too have found an older pencil sketching.  It looks to be a cathedral of a
church. . It has the name "Edw. H 
Koch" signed below the sketching.  The address on back of picture  A35086, 8x10,
Radio Picture Frame Co., 
Inc104 So. 4th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.  I am searching just like those of you before
me, for more information.

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