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From: Lori
Date: 06/22/2014

I saw one of these Radio Picture Frame Co, Inc. pictures today at a yard sale 
and scooped it up immediately. The signature on the front looks like Levi with 
the "L" really big and carries a line underneath the "evi" and there is an 
accent mark over the "e".

This is what is written on the back:

K39927    3569/7
Radio Picture Frame Co Inc
1540 Covert St Brooklyn NY

Mine appears to be of a river, a house on the side and a man in a horse and 
buggy. It also shows about 6 people out in the lawn of the house, one is 
fishing, the remainder look like they are doing something, such as picking 
things from a garden.

I think the people are Oriental. But I only guess that by a look on one of the 
people and the posture of the man fishing. 

Looks to be in the original frame. Really interesting especially with so many 
other's having similar pictures.

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