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From: Rodger DeRamus (
Date: 03/17/2007

Hello Again,

I have been trying to find out about the Radio Picture Frame
Co. and can't seem to get any leads. I do have some news
though about the picture about the Collie and the Lamb,
Shepherd's Call I think it was. I actually bought an 8x10
reroductiion of the picture from an eBay seller. They have
MANY reproductions and the prices are very low.

The story of the picture: "This print appears to be from a
1906 Oil Painting by Walter Hunt entitled "Found-Rescue of a
Lost Friend". I plan to search furthur about Walter HUnt and
the name of the picture. Anything about the Picture Frame
Co. will be a plus...

Thanks for bringing such great memories back from my
childhood, that was one of the good times I remember, not
many of them back then...

visit: and see if you can find an old
picture that you can remember as a child. It is a great

Rodger DeRamus

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From: Glenna
Date: 04/07/2007
I have a picture I bought on ebay some time back--the title
is "Lullaby".  Under that it says Radio Picture Frame
Company, 1540(? last digit isn't plain)Covert St., Brooklyn,
NY.  That's all I know---hope it helps.

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