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From: Joan Jano (
Date: 03/20/2007

Hi fellow Brooklynites! I went to PS 182, Jr. HS 149 and
graduated Jefferson in 1962.  I lived on New Jersey Ave.,
between Sutter and Blake.  I know Lynn (Troyansky) Arroyo
from all three schools and I see she has posted here--Hi
Lynn. Memories: Mrs. Levy's,the small candy shop/book
supplies store on Vermont Ave. & Dumont, right across from
182.  Everybody bought their candy there and book
supplies--cannot remember the name of the store. Mrs. Levy
was an elderly, tiny, but sharp lady. Everyone knew not to
try to steal in her store!! The knish vendor right in front
of her store and for 10 cents you got the best tasting knish
ever (he was an old man with an old steel cart; these days I
wonder where the heck he got those knishes, but they were
simply delicious).  Jack's candy store on Sutter Ave. &
Vermont, across from 149--the best egg creams and malteds on
earth. The popular hangout on the corner of Pennsylvania &
Livonia Aves., where all the Jefferson "jocks" hung out,
across from Jefferson Field (can't remember the name, am
getting too old!). The movie theater on Livonia Ave., where
they sold dinner sets, one piece a week.  Oh, the memories.

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From: Mike
Date: 03/20/2007
Did you go to the big synagogue on pennsylvania between
sutter and blake?

Remember New Lots talmud torah pennsylvania corner of new

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From: boiresqaaz (
Date: 03/21/2007
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From: Phil A. (pja629@aol)
Date: 04/26/2007
Hi Joan,
I'm an "old" East New Yorker. Went to 149 also, but then
moved, and attended Franklin K. Lane HS .Graduated 1960!!
Can help you a little because the name of the luncheonette
you are referring to was Metrick's.I know, because my father
owned the Barber/Beauty Shops, on Livonia directly opposite
Thomas Jefferson Field.Great memories huh?

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From: xopumuxaraaaz (
Date: 04/27/2007
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