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From: Sheryl Nierenberg (
Date: 06/22/2006

Hey there - did anyone attend PS 253 in the late 60's,
Reynolds JHS early 70's, and graduate Lincoln HS 77-78?

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From: Donna
Date: 05/23/2007
Yes, I did.  My maiden name back then was Perez.  Sister's
name: Julie; brothers' names:  Joey, Frankie.  P.S. 253
Grades:  1: Mrs. Radler (66-67); 2: Mrs. Bernstein (67-68);
3: Mrs. Feldhammer (68-69); 4: Mr. Colchamiro (69-70); 5:
Forgot! (70-71); 6: Mrs. Gruebel (71-72).  Reynolds:  Not
sure of any of the teachers, but was from 72-75).  However I
went to Sheepshead Bay HS thereafter, not Lincoln.  I'm not
sure if we were in any of the same classes, or you were in
some of my siblings' classes, but the funny thing is, I'm
SURE I remember your name VERY CLEARLY from the elementary
school days.  Amazing the things we remember when jolted
about them :) ...........

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