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From: Steve Cole (
Date: 06/26/2006

May I add myself to the list! I just became the owner of a 
real cool mantel/shelf alarm clock from Sessions 
Clocks a division of United Metal Goods.  It stands one 
foot tall and is a vintage looking, dull gold metal floral 
design with legs. There are two flowers on top and one 
in the center of the body. The face has bubbled glass 
with a beautiful bright gold inlay. Black roman numerals 
with cream colored hands.  The alarm and second 
hands are gold colored. The word "United" is in cursive 
above the hands. All the info is on the back, but for 
some reason the seriel number and model number 
spaces are left blank... I've gone through ebay and 
found many clocks from this company, but none that 
even come close to mine... I would return a favor for 
help on this clock!!!

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