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From: MIL
Date: 08/04/2006

Is there anyone out there that attended PS 180 between 1966
& 1972, Montauk JHS between 1972 & 1975, or even FDR High
between Sept. 1975 and June 1979?

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From: Sharon (
Date: 08/07/2006
Finally, someone that may have attended FDR.  I graduated in
1976. I have been trying to obtain information regarding
past or future class reunions for the class of 1976. When I
attended FDR, my last name was Ferrell. I look forward to a
response, as it would be great to hear from someone who may
have attended FDR during the time I was a student there. 


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From: MIL
Date: 08/09/2006
Unfortunately, I only attended FDR High from Sept. 1975
until June 1976.  My family moved to Florida after my
'Freshman' year @ FDR.  However, in all likelihood, I would
know a large number of folks that were part of the
graduating class of '79, as this is the year I graduated
High School in South FL.  Many of my friends with whom I
attended PS 180 & Montauk JHS would have graduated in 1979. 
FDR High was a FANTASTIC School...!!

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From: sharon
Date: 08/10/2006
I graduated in June 1976.  My name at that time was Sharon
E. Ferrell.  I'm now a Griffin.  I agree with you, some of
my best memories are the times I enjoyed at FDR.  I would
love to make contact with some of my old friends, however I
have not been able to get any information whatsoever
regarding reunions or anything.  Well, take care and it was
pleasant hearing from someone who at least spent "SOME" time
at FDR...(smile)

Take care

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