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Subject:Parking Space - any ideas?


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From: Stacey (
Date: 05/24/2006

I am looking for a parking space in the Prospect Place area-
any suggestions?

Reply #1
From: ex-brooklynite
Date: 06/12/2006
Look in the local community newspapers. You might find a
space for rent there. Or maybe put an ad in yourself looking
for a space. Aren't there some large-scale multi-level
garages in Park Slope?

I lived in Kensington until 1990. I rented a neighbor's
garage for $50/month, cheap for even back then. On my old
block alternate side was in effect 4-days a week until 1980,
2-days a week after that. So when that garage space became
available in 1982. I took it because the alternate-side was
driving ME crazy.

Alternate side parking is designed to drive YOU crazy and to
raise revenue more than to facilitate street-cleaning.
Brooklyn didn't get alternate-side parking until about 1960
I think.

I live on S.I. now and my house has a driveway. There's only
alternate side out here on a very few narrow street to allow
the wider Sanitation trucks access. Even though I'm here 16
years I still appreciate having an off-street place for my

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