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Date: 09/07/2006

hi im from ridgewood also gates ave between wilson and
knickerbocker ave born 1463 gates ave work at brandlers
bakerey 1463 gates ave near irving ave,went to saint barbras
school blecket street and central ave i am 61 years old now
what great times we had in the 50s 60s it went down hill in
the 70s druggs fires low lifes moving in our area. took over
the entire areas. welfare crime so sad i left in 1979 went
back to vist in 1993 i was shock to see what was left boy
did i cry!!! i re call the sunday danceing at st bridgets
church doo oop music singing on corners many great friends cream palor jux boxes brown stone home line up in
rows. german itlan irsih jewish everyone got along well. boy
i wish i could turn back the time.all the movie houses so
beautiful inside.i will take all the fond memories to my
grave. i wish i had old pics. thanks for the web site fred
meglio and family

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