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Subject:United Clock Corp


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From: Nancy
Date: 05/09/2006

Have electric brass dial wall clock shaped/detailed like
pocket watch including top attachment which would hold chain
on pocket watch.  Approximately 13" in diameter.  Original
electrical parts, perfect working order.  Dated October
1958, Model 40, engraving on back includes "Manufactured
exclusively for United Clock Corp Brooklyn, New York". 
Curious as to approximate value or how to find out value,
although belonged to grandmother & not for sale.

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From: Kirk Robinson (
Date: 06/09/2006
My uncle asked me to research the same model.  If I find out
anything, I'll let you know.   Thanks.

Reply #2
From: Tom Thomas (
Date: 10/18/2006
I too have model 40 United Clock and can not find any
information on it. If you should find anything, I would
appreciate the information.

Tom Thomas
Deltona, FL

Reply #3
From: Sue (
Date: 07/16/2011
Hi, did you ever find the value of your clock?  I have the same one.  I
it at an antiques fair for $45.

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