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Subject:Verdi's "A Masked Ball"


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From: Brooklyn Repertory Opera
Date: 05/17/2009


   For more information please contact: Melissa Gerstein (646) 369-5247 or  Please also visit:


   Brooklyn Repertory Opera performs Verdi's "A Masked Ball" on Friday,
   June 5th at 7:30 PM, Sunday, June 7th at 3:30 PM, Friday, June 12th at
   7:30 PM and Sunday, June 14th at 3:30. "A Masked Ball" is set in a
   small present day European kingdom.

   Act I opens with Riccardo (Edgar Jaramillo, Francis Liska) reviewing a
   list of his guests for an upcoming masked ball.  He is delighted to see
   Amelia (Tracy Adele Cooper, Kathleen Keske) on the list because she is
   the woman he loves.  Unfortunately, Amelia is also the wife of his
   friend and advisor, Renato (Jay Gould, Charles Karel).  Renato, upon
   arriving tries to tell Riccardo about the growing conspiracy ahead of
   him but Riccardo refuses to listen.

   Riccardo, disguised as a fisherman, arrives at fortune-teller Ulrica's
   (Gulnara Mitzanova, Nicholas Tamagna) cave.  Amelia arrives and
   confesses that she is tormented for her love for Riccardo.  Ulrica
   tells her to gather a magic herb for the cure.  After she leaves,
   Riccardo has his palm read by Ulrica, who tells him that he will die by
   the first person who shakes his hand.  Renato arrives and Riccardo is
   amused when they shake hands in greeting, revealing Riccardo's identity
   to everyone.

   Act II opens with Amelia being surprised by Riccardo and the two
   finally declare their love for each other.  Renato arrives unexpectedly
   so Amelia covers her face with her veil, and Riccardo leaves after
   learning from Renato that conspirators are pursuing him.  When the
   conspirators arrive and Amelia realizes her husband would rather fight
   with the conspirators than break his promise to escort her back to
   town, she reveals her identity.  Renato assumes that Amelia and
   Riccardo have been involved in an adulterous love affair.

   Act III opens with Renato intending to kill Amelia, then changes his
   mind  and with the conspirators plans to murder Riccardo.  Oscar, the
   page, (Alyssa Bowlby, Pamela Scanlon), arrives with an invitation to
   the Masked Ball.  At the ball, Renato shoots Riccardo in anger and the
   wounded Riccardo discloses that although he loved Amelia, she never
   broke her marriage vows.  Riccardo bids farewell to his friends and his
   country as he dies.

   The opera is conducted by Stephen Francis Vasta and Conrad Chu.
   Tickets for "A Masked Ball" are $20.00 for adult, $10.00 for students
   and seniors, and $5.00 for unemployed with a UI stub. Group rates are
   also available.  The Brooklyn Lyceum is located at 227 4th Ave,
   Brooklyn, New York (located on the corner of President Street and 4th
   Avenue).  It is accessible via the R Subway at the Union Street stop.
   For reservations or more information, call (866) 469-2687 or visit

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