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Subject:Radio Picture Frame Co., Inc.


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From: Jana (
Date: 12/20/2011

I have a set of floral pictures that were my grandmothers. Have had them on the

wall for a long time.  My son knocked it off of the wall and broke the glass.  
When I pulling the glass out of the frame, I, too, noticed on the back was a
"Hand Colored Botany, Radio Picture Frame Co., Inc., 1540 Covert St., Brooklyn,

N.Y.  "  The frame is old and has little nails holding the back cover into the 
frame.  Not sure how to replace the glass without messing up the backside.  
Hopefully, the framer can put it all back together in the same fashion.  Would 
love to know how old these pictures are.  They look like originals, pencil, with

some color used.

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