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Subject:pictures titled; feathered birds


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From: greg (
Date: 05/15/2006

i recently purchased two, approx.3"x5" pictures at a yard
sale titled "feathered birds". these are a combination of a
painted back ground on brown paper and the bird is made of
what looks like real feathers. on the back they  have two
sets of numbers and I'm guessing the manufacture, which is
radio picture frame co.,inc. 104 so. 4th st. Brooklyn, NY. I
would like to try to find out what year these were made. my
guess would be the '40's. anybody have any ideas ?
                   thanks, greg

Reply #1
From: lynda (
Date: 07/13/2006
Hi Greg,
I am looking for a print date also. I have a great picture I
found in Portland Or. Goodwill Store it has the original
frame made to look like bamboo. It is a picture of a Japanes
woman with a structure like a gazebo in the background. It
is very unusual as she is wearing a long tunic and pants. It
is all in tones of muted brns, grns and cream backgroun. On
the back it says Japanes H39227  and another # also 3782
with the same address that you had..I will keep in touch if
I find anything. I am guessing even earlier than fortys. It
feels art deco early '30s to me
Happy hunting,

Reply #2
From: joyce (
Date: 04/03/2007
I have this same pic.  I would to know more about it, too.

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