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From: charlotte newman (
Date: 04/08/2007

I am probably older than any of you but remember quite a bit
of the old neighborhood. I was born at Unity hosp. next door
to Congress theater next door to candy store.Ill probably
remember the name in bed tonight. There was a deli at the
corner of St. Johns and Buffalo.Winicoffs luncheonette and
candy storeand im still awake. I'll remember the deli name
eventually also. I went to 191 and 210 and then to jeff.I,ll
trade memories with anyone who can remember Kate Smith
singing at our bond rally on Sterling pl between Buffalo and
RAlph during ww11 with the huge banner that went across the
entire street with gold stars for our young lost lives. My
memory is still pretty good so contact me if you want to
continue down memory lane.  Wonder how many of us are still
around ?

Reply #1
From: Tony
Date: 04/08/2007

I was born in Red Hook in 1934, moved to Williamsburg in 39.
Went to PS19 K-3,PS16 4-7 PS50 Jr H 7-9. Westinghouse HS.
Went in service in 52 (Korea). Discharged in 56. Been in
Wisconsin since 56.
Get to NY to visit every few years. The Hood is getting back
into decent shape, but like they always say, NY, (a great
place to visit but wouldn't want to live there). Miss the
great food but you need serious money to enjoy all the
I rememder going to the Paramount Theatre on 43rd & Broadway
to see Bob Hope with Jane Russell, Jerry Colona and others,
live for probably $2.00. Also Louis Prima with Keely Smith
plus many other shows. Ebbetts Field, Polo Grounds and
Yankee Stadium, free PAL tickets or 60 cents for
bleachers,$1.25 upper grand, $1.75 lower grand and box seats
were $3.00 but we couldn't dream of box seats. Snuck in
there, after a few innings. I now have season tickets in
Green Bay, but what is ironic is that the first football
game I ever saw was in the Polo Grounds, with the NY Yankees
playing the Green Bay Packers around 1950. The Yankees had
Buddy Young as their star.  Yankees then moved to Texas and
became the colts, then moved to Baltimore and on to
Indianapolis, this years super bowl champions. Saw all of
Vince Lombardi's home games as the Packer coach. I remember
wondering where the hell is Green Bay, said to my buddy, out
west with the Indians.

Reply #2
From: janetg
Date: 04/10/2007
I lived on St. Johns Place near Schenectady and would go to
the Congress often.  
I remember the long lobby and a balcony (elegant when
compared to the Utica 
Theatre I  regularly visited).  I recall the Unity Hospital
and that at least on our 
block it had a poor reputation (and in fact I was ill served
there myself).  My 
dentist Dr. Borowitz was just around the corner from the
Congress. I too went to 
210 (John Marshal JHS) and remember Mrs. Berlin, Misses
DeForest, Farley,and 
Shantz. You were in the Thomas Jefferson H.S. zone, and I in
the Samuel J. 
Tilden.  Sorry, I didn't get to the Kate Smith rally, but
she was always a favorite.  
Did you listen 
to her daily 15 min (I think) show?

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