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Subject:United Clock Corp. electric Lighthouse Clo


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From: Rich C. (
Date: 04/17/2007

A friend just brought me this United Clock Corp. Electric
Clock ad ask me to fix it up for him. It is a brass castig
in the form of a lighthouse it is animated, boats sailing
bye and a light in the lighthouse. missing is the top of the
lighthouse.  Does anyone have any information on a clock
like this, year of mfg, value, anything?   I have it
running, and is in good condition except the for the missing

Reply #1
From: TJG (
Date: 05/19/2007
Hello Rich,
you won't believe this, but I have the very same clock, and
yes it's missing the same piece on top... actually i have
the piece but it's broken.  it's model # 290, yes?

my parents got it at an antique shop or outdoor barn shop in
 SC i think, in the 1970s.  i looked online to try to find
the value, but can't find any info...

would love to chat with you about your clock, send a picture

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