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Subject:Visiting Brooklyn


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From: Rodger
Date: 04/24/2007

I have never been to New York, but had a lay over at JFK way
back in 1974. If I flew into JFK, where is Brooklyn located
from there? Like I said, I know nothing about NY, where in
Brooklyn could I go to see some good stuff? My wife is
afriad of NY because of the gangs and to be honest, I am a
little skiddish myself about bringing her. She could get
hurt if you know what I mean. How do you go about your daily
lives there when people are getting killed in drive by
shootings and getting your car highjacked? Is it reasonably
safe where the Theaters are?Can you go out at night and look
at the lights of the buildings? I did go to Buffalo once,
but crossed into Canada to see the Falls from that side. I'd
really like to travel there by train, that would be fun...


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